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Custom Products

Custom Products

Most polycarbonate sheet producers and their distributors offer a range of standard products and services.  In many cases these off-the-shelf solutions are not suitable for some of the more demanding, high-tech applications.  HighLine Polycarbonate specializes in serving customers that have more complicated projects that cannot be supported by the more traditional polycarbonate sheet producers.

HighLine is able to design and customize products for individual customers, often with low minimum order quantities.  Some of the services that we are able to offer include:

- modifying the sheet formulation and dimensions to achieve the desired physical properties.

- developing and applying custom coatings.  These can be thermally cured coatings, UV cured coatings or vapor deposition coatings.  We have often put several different coatings onto different areas or sides of sheets.

- machining and fabricating custom shapes and parts.

- laminating multiple sheets together with different interlayers to achieve different properties.


If you have a custom project, you can contact us to discuss the various options available.