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Rail car windows and locomotive windshield laminates.

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Bullet Resistant Laminates

Uncoated and one-side hard coated

optical grade polycarbonate for

Bullet Resistant laminates

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HighLine Polycarbonate produces a wide range of polycarbonate sheets and coatings for the aerospace market.

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Military Transparent Armor

Polycarbonate sheet with enhanced ballistics properties for transparent armor applications.

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A wide range of polycarbonate sheets and coatings for the automotive industry.

Recent News

Variable Message Signs

We have launched a new range of polycarbonate sheets designed for Variable Message Signs. The sheet is optimized to increase light transmission for yellow and red LEDs. Contact us for more information.

Carbon Neutral Sheet

HighLine Polycarbonate has introduced Carbon Neutral polycarbonate and PET-G sheet in response to customer needs to reduce the environmental impact of their products


Several technical videos are now on our YouTube page. To view them, scroll down this page and click on the YouTube link. Our latest videos include a demonstration of our self-repairing coating.

Free Sheet Calculator

Download our free sheet calculator to calculate 1) The weight of a sheet, 2) Convert $/lb to $/sqft 3) Convert $/sqft to $/lb

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