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Teijin polycarbonate resin

Teijin polycarbonate resin

Teijin is one of the largest producers of polycarbonate resin, which it markets under the brandname Panlite ®.  HighLine Polycarbonate has partnered with Teijin to produce and sell polycarbonate sheet made exclusively from Panlite resin, primarily to the American markets.   The Teijin polycarbonate resin was selected because it is the most optically pure polycarbonate resin available, which allows us to make higher quality, better performing sheet.

All of these facilities are ISO.9001 certified and use the latest technology to produce exceptionally pure resin.

HighLine produces polycarbonate sheet from Teijin L-1250ZW polycarbonate resin.  This grade of resin has been optimized for extruded sheet production.  Our sheet also uses no regrind, as regrind will reduce both the physical and optical properties of the sheet.  To illustrate the significant improvement in optical properties we measured the internal loss of light transmission in one of our 1/4″ thick sheets versus one of our US competitors standard 1/4″ thick sheets; the results are shown in the graph below.  Over the visible spectrum the competitors material loses between 2.5% and 7% more light transmission than our material.

Loss of light transmission

Teijin key facts and figures

Teijin polycarbonate resin production facilities


June 17, 1918 with head-quarters in Osaka, Japan.


225,000 MT of polycarbonate resin capacity installed in 1999.


16,819 Employees (9,708 Japan, 7,111 Rest of world) as of March 2012

Zheijiang Province, China

130,000 MT of polycarbonate resin capacity installed in 2005.


Sales of $9.9 Billion in the year ended March 2012.

Matsuyama, Japan

130,000 MT of polycarbonate resin capacity