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Vapor deposition coatings

HighLine Polycarbonate is able to provide polycarbonate sheets and parts coated with a wide range of vapor deposition coatings.  These coatings include:

  • Indium Tin Oxide with surface resistivity of 10 Ohms/square or higher
  • Anti-reflective coatings that increase the light transmission of Polycarbonate sheet to greater than 98.5%
  • Various metal coatings including Gold, Copper and Molybdenum.


Indium Tin Oxide is a transparent conductive coating.  It can be attached to a power source and used to heat the surface of the polycarbonate or a laminate constructed from the polycarbonate.  You can download our ITO heater calculation spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet will allow you to calculate the required surface resistivity for heating the polycarbonate sheet surface.

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ITO heater calculator – click to download