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Each rail car window specification can have unique requirements. We are able to test our product to a wide range of technical standards including ANSI Z26.1 and 49 CFR 223 FRA Type II


Polycarbonate windows are able to be fabricated to customer supplied drawings ready for installation into frames or gaskets.



HighLine Polycarbonate produces high grade optical polycarbonate sheet  for rail car windows and locomotive windshield laminates.  The material is able to exceed the requirements of industry specifications such as ANSI Z26.1 and 49 CFR 223 FRA Type II.  The material is specifically designed to improve the optical quality and eliminate the distortion often seen on polycarbonate rail car windows.

We are also able to offer a range of clear, grey tint and bronze tint products for Commuter rail, light rail and bus window applications.

To protect the windows against abrasion and scratches we able to put a range of coatings onto the sheet.  These coatings include standard hard coats, self repairing coatings, anti-microbial hard coats and anti-grafitti coatings.  We can also install tear away vandal shields to protect the sheet.




Contact our technical team for more details.