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Extended Life Transparent Armor

Extended Life Transparent Armor

HighLine Polycarbonate has developed a multilayer structure designed to be used by laminators in conjunction with glass or transparent ceramics to extend the life of transparent armor manufactured to ATPD.2352 standards.

The product will improve operational availability of vehicle platforms such as the MRAP and JLTV.

The HighLine product extends the life of transparent armor in three important ways:

Prevents de-lamination by increased bond strength

Over the life of transparent armor, the bond between the polycarbonate and polyurethane weakens.  The transparent armor often can delaminate at the polycarbonate–polyurethene interface.  Using proprietory technology, we have modified the bonding between the polycarbonate and polyurethane to significantly increase the strength of the bond.  This advanced technology significantly extends the life of transparent armor, increases vehicle operational availability and reduces field maintenance and repair costs.

Prevents de-laination due to reduced thermal stresses

The design of the inner polycarbonate layers of the transparent armor can impact the level of thermal stresses  experienced. These stresses are caused by the different thermal expansion rates of glass and polycarbonate.  The design of the polycarbonate and polyurethane layers have been optimized by mathematical modelling to reduce the thermal stresses in the finished transparent armor.  The optimization of the design, in conjunction with the increased bond strength, significantly extends the life of transparent armor systems.

Prevents scratching of inside surface using advanced coating

One of the inherent weaknesses of polycarbonate compared to glass is the tendency of polycarbonate to scratch.  To reduce this issue, hard coats have traditionally been applied to the polycarbonate surface.  Even with the hard coats, the polycarbonate inside surface of the transparent armor is still prone to damage from the vehicle occupants, reducing the life of the transparent armor.  Our advanced coating increases the scatch and abrasion resistance of the polycarbonate to a level similar to glass.  The advanced coating will pass the ATPD.2352 specification for the exterior surface.


Extended Life Tansparent Armor Cover

Extended Life Transparent Armor

Structure of HighLine Laminate

Extended Life Transparent Armor Structure


Transparent Armor2 comments

  1. Joseph Russo says:

    Police Cars need Transparent Armor. Too many lives are being lost to gunfire. Looking to help by working the issue of lamnated glass windows all around the police car. Approx 600-700,000 Police Cars, maybe more, in America. I discovered your Facebook page. Please check out Lawrence Twp Fop, facebook page. It’s the facebook page of the Fraternity for Lawrence Township Police Dept, NJ 08648. I am Coordinating Director for FB Membership.

    • Martyn Kelly says:

      The problem with transparent armor is it is very heavy. Most military vehicles have improved transmission to support the heavy armor. Without a major rebuild of the car, the level of transparent armor that can be added will be limited to lower level threats including hand guns. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

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