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HighLine Introduces the first Carbon Neutral Polycarbonate and PET-G sheet

HighLine Introduces the first Carbon Neutral Polycarbonate and PET-G sheet

HighLine is pleased to be the first company to offer Carbon Neutral Polycarbonate and PET-G sheet.  We have committed to quantifying, reducing and offsetting the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with our operations and production of the polycarbonate and PET-G sheets.

We have responded to many of our customers that are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact beyond token measures such as including regrind in the product.  By quantifying all direct and indirect GHG emissions associated with the product, from oil extraction and refining, to polycarbonate and PET-G resin production, to sheet manufacture and transportation to the customer, we are able to identify areas where we can change the process to reduce emissions.  Over time we can improve the accuracy of this emissions estimate to a point where we will be able to certify products to Green House Gas Protocol standard.

We have already found areas where we have been able to reduce the GHG emissions, such as:

- Encouraging Polycarbonate and PET-G resin suppliers to reduce emissions and preferentially purchasing from suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to reducing GHG emissions.

- Utilizing green electricity for sheet production.

- Using container ships with a high Environmental Ship Index (ESI) to reduce GHG emissions.

- Shipping material by road using carriers with low GHG emissions and plans for further reducing emissions.

- Eliminating air-freight shipments.

Each pound of Polycarbonate sheet generates over 5 pounds of GHG emissions by the time it is delivered to the customer, Our aim is to continue to reduce this amount and we are setting aggressive goals for reduction.  However, we recognize that as the product is derived from oil, it will not be possible to eliminate these GHG emissions completely.  HighLine is therefore working with to offset any GHG emissions that cannot be eliminated.  This offset is carried out by investing in North America based renewable energy projects that have been certified by a third party.  These projects reduce GHG emissions and this reduction is used to offset the remaining GHG emissions associated with the polycarbonate and PET-G sheets.

Our aim is not just to reduce the emissions associated with our extruded sheet, but also to encourage resin producers and other extruded sheet manufacturers to also reduce GHG emissions.  We are therefore reaching our to other sheet manufacturers in the hope of establishing a working group.  We have formed a LinkedIn Group called “Carbon Neutral Plastic Sheet” as the starting point for information exchange.



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